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An underappreciated issue with “die cis scum”


Certain videos and pictures of trans* activists using the “die cis scum” phrase have gone viral (ugh, I hate that phrase) around SJ-apathetic places like 4chan, Reddit, etc. Maybe it’s a good thing they’re being exposed to different types of people, but there is one thing that really bothers me: people’s first exposure to the term/prefix “cis*” is going to be having it used as an insult.

People are going to associate “cis*” with a negative meaning, not see it as the neutral term it should be.

This is a problem, because people have been working a long time to have this recognized as the neutral counterpart to “trans*”. It’s extremely vexing to see people use the term as a joke and associate it with SJA sloganeering. Hopefully the trend doesn’t last long.

That’s the problem with being a deliberately ignored minority: since we’re being ignored deliberately, we’ll be given attention deliberately as well. It’s no coincidence that everyone is paying attention to “die cis scum” who previously had no intention of spending 2 seconds thinking about trans* issues. It’s not just that they passively don’t want to pay attention to us, it’s that they actively want to continue to not care about us. As the gatekeepers for public attention, they give us two options:

  1. We can beg and plead for compassion and mercy till our faces turn blue and still be ignored.
  2. We can become angry and have people focus on that anger to the exclusion of the message behind it.

This is not on us. Trans* people are not to blame. Any efforts to pick apart each others’ strategy which ignore the harsh reality of those 2 options above is completely missing the point. We cannot “win” this game by attempting to play by the rules, because it’s rigged. We need to turn the criticism toward where it belongs, on the cis-supremacist agenda.

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    So where is the equivalent “die hetero scum” come into play? I totally disagree with the idea that we just NEED to play...
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    There is much good in here, but one flaw.To fix this requires that one look at how things are. Some of this does. But...
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    Let me repeat that. Cis people have decided that this will be the one thing they will actually listen to. So..yeah.
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    I agree with this slightly but have 2 issues: 1. What has already been pointed out, that cis people made this go viral,...
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    I agree totally with what @andythenerd said in response. It’s just simply not our job. I’ll preface what I’m about to...
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    “Neutral term.” I lol’d cis is an insult, just not the way you think it is.
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    bolded is why “die cis scum” will always be important to me.
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