Hundreds of women took to the streets of the Moroccan capital Rabat on Saturday, urging parliament to revoke a law on sexual violence.

Just a day earlier, Morocco had announced that it would modify a law that allows rapists to marry their underage female victims, a decision that came in light of the recent suicide of 16-year-old rape victim, Amina el-Filali.

“We want a new law. We also want an end to rape in Morocco but that can be possible until this law is removed. We want a law that punishes the criminal and protects the rights of Moroccan women,” said Amina’s sister Hamida who joined the protest on Saturday.

On this note, I have seen a campaign called “We Are All Amina Filali”.  The thing is, I’m not Amina Filali.  I couldn’t ever be Amina Filali, because I am not a woman in Morocco.  I will never be forced to marry my rapist.  To those of you out there who are affected by these laws, I wish you the best.  To those of you who are not, I urge you to refrain from appropriating their experiences while we raise awareness and support for their efforts.

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