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“I’m sorry, bisexual activists, but you’re doing it all wrong. Instead of berating me for my alleged bi-phobia—and if I’m the enemy, you’re in real trouble—berate your closeted compatriots. If they all came out tomorrow, you could put an end to bi-phobia, take over the LGBT movement, and kick my ass out of it.”

Bisexuals by Dan Savage - Seattle Pullout - The Queer Issue: You’re Doing It Wrong - The Stranger, Seattle’s Only Newspaper


We don’t have to all come out at take over the movement, but can we please please please team up to kick his ass out?

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Dan Savage=Major Douche.

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You know who the real enemy is?  Not the closeted bi/pansexual/queers.  The real enemy is anyone who doesn’t support and even opposes people who can love or be attracted to more than one gender.  The real enemy is someone who would try to get us to turn on ourselves instead of working to push back against the hate.  Well you won’t see any of that here, because I support all my queer siblings, even the ones in the closet where nobody can see.

Shut up forever, Dan Savage.

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“Perhaps I’m a transphobic bigot [trigger warning], but I honestly think waiting a measly 36 months to cut your dick is a sacrifice any father should be willing to make for his 15-year-old son. Call me old-fashioned. Unfortunately, your ex wasn’t willing to make that sacrifice (selfish tranny!), or it never occurred to him to make that sacrifice (stupid tranny!).”

Guess who?

Tell me, anyone, has he ever apologized and taken back what he said? Anyone? Bueller…?