Nerd is my Gender

“This situation can be likened to the Bible as a two edged sword. You can find any example in the Bible to defend any good or bad conduct you will want to indulge in. People who want to commit evil deeds will sometimes refer to some godly people in the Bible who fell short of such moral conducts. Truth as they say is one. There can be no middle grounds. What is evil is evil and cannot change with time. Such is homosexuality.”

More hate here, if you can stand to read it.

Lies destroy lives.  Religion destroys rationality.

I don’t want to hear anyone say “a true Christian would never condone this”, because that’s bullshit.  It’s in the Bible, black and white, and now the government of Ghana is using it to erase gays and other sexual minorities from the nation by calling for their collective arrests.

Christian American beliefs are destroying lives around the world.  Read it and weep.