The Good Men Project recently posted a list of 100 nearly-coherent things a commenter left on one of their posts.  I’m going to respond to each and every one of them individually.  Because I can.

So this one.  Wow.  I don’t really know what to say.  I don’t do this.  But would it be wrong to admit it if I did?  Is thinking slurs against another person a crime against humanity?  Can a person really think things without those thoughts bleeding into their philosophies and actions?  Can we find a place to agree that some thoughts are wrong, while offering a path toward redemption instead of judgement?

Child molestation is serious business.  The person most likely to harm a child is someone ze knows, not a stranger.  If a young person you know comes to you, and admits to an unwelcome experience with an adult, don’t jump to conclusions.  I know it may seem like “but he’s such a trusted family friend, he’d never do that!”  But of all the people I know who have been molested, it was always by a relative or close friend of the family.  Why?  Because those are the only people who have access to alone-time with children on a regular basis.  Food for thought.

See, the thing about women is, you can basically lump them all into a single group of people and describe them all as basically being the same.  They’re pretty decent, it turns out.  No, it’s not insulting at all that I would feel compelled to point that out, as if it were up for questioning.  And of course, I’m the one who gets to declare that without any explanation whatsoever, because my word is gold.

I also get to say that they’re doing makeup wrong.  No, I don’t have to explain what “right” is.  No, I don’t have to know how to use makeup either.  No, I don’t need to show any credentials whatsoever.  But they should be pleased to know that, even though they’re mostly doing makeup wrong, they’re still pretty decent people.  Because I said so.

I bet you’re saying that to make yourself feel better, since appearance and sexual skills have nothing to do with each other.  And why not lie to yourself?  After all, society says that if you don’t possess a beautiful human as a status symbol, then you’re a lesser person.

Unless you were talking about Lays potato chips, in which case, I’m in total agreement.

Mmm… Lays…

white man licking bag of Lays