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Deglon Meeting Knife Set 

click the link and read the amazon reviews
I assure you it’s worth the time



Deglon Meeting Knife Set

click the link and read the amazon reviews

I assure you it’s worth the time

But will #Arkh be a good game?





A few people have expressed that “they don’t want a game to cater to their sexuality, but to be a good game.”

First, I should mention that the team is made up of gamers and developers. We’ve played games. A lot of them. We’ve done smaller scale hobby development in indie games, and we’re hiring people who are experienced in working on top-level shipped titles.

We ALSO want this want to be a good game. That is why we’re raising a six figure budget for this game. Does money guarantee goodness? No. But it helps. It helps a LOT.

While #Arkh does put the focus on new types of main characters, the story is not about marginalized identities in and of themselves. We’re not writing a yaoi manga, here, where the entire plot is about two gay people who are gay and then they gayed and by the way today is Gay Day and then they get gay married.

This story is also not about PoC living in some hood being kept down by the white man and singing old negro spirituals while raising their hands to the sky in their desire for freedom.

The gameplay isn’t about which dildo, or which binder, or which breast enhancer you can attack your enemies with.

Arkh is about a young deity who gets caught up in love and finds that not everyone is as happy with it as they are, much like in real life. Arkh is about someone who bites off more than they can chew, runs away from home and ends up stranded in some lifetime with only partial memories, who travels the cosmos to get them back and figure out what the hell their own original goal is. Arkh is about travel and adventure, seeing things you’ve never seen before, talking to people you’d never talk to otherwise, trying things you never tried before.

Arkh’s about seeing the stars and intergalactic travel to different fantasy lands, each with their own unique set of problems, problems that you have to help with to advance. Arkh is about building up, but repeatedly getting knocked back down and having to start over, having to make very difficult decisions between your items and your weapons and your money so you have enough to last you a level.

Arkh is about reincarnation. It’s about having different lives, having different friends, and experiencing life from every angle of the coin and every side of the die.

It’s about taking action even when people are being really annoying and getting in your way. It’s about having to pay attention to the way people see you to get by and get ahead. It’s about giving the player numerous options about what kind of fighter they want to be.

That said guys, the design for Arkh is not completed yet. We want to spend a lot of time going over it repeatedly to make it perfect. We would love to take ideas from other gamers on the play, but as a grassroots project, there will be limitations on certain parts because of the cost. But within that limit, we want to do the best damn game we can do, both in story, and in gameplay.

The game DOES feature PoC and queer people. But what the game IS? It’s a story about a deity who needs to reincarnate numerous times to avoid a pursuing enemy, to live something of a decent life. It’s about having multiple enemies, some of whom are your friends, and not knowing which to go after. It’s about trying to live even when there are unseen ghosts all around.

Please be patient. As we finalize more prior to beginning programming, more will be revealed. Arkh does have a complete lore behind it, the world is multi-dimensional. We’re looking into making new levels downloadable so that even when the the game ends, it’s not really over.

We’re going to do our damndest. We just ask that you keep supporting us even if it doesn’t seem perfect at first.

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“The gameplay isn’t about which dildo, or which binder, or which breast enhancer you can attack your enemies with.”

I’m going to say RIGHT NOW that this ^ actually sounds like a pretty damn fantastic idea for a video game.  I want to play a mario-style lesbian game. RIGHT NOW. Princess Peach? More like PRINCESS LICK MY PEACH…pit. 

well if I ever learn how to use flash properly, i will make a cheapie flash game and put it on new grounds in which you’re some queer trans person and you have to decide which dildo, binder and breast implant you want to throw at the evil cis straight whites

Give me this thing that I may play it!

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Where have you been all my life?


Where have you been all my life?

"When am I going to quit?  When racists quit."

I wish everybody could go through this exercise, in every school across the nation.

Sherlock, as done by a small and precocious Asian girl


Once upon a time in MODERN DAY LONDON, there was a “consulting detective” by the name of Shin’ichi Honda (30). (Okay, her name was actually Shigeko, but who the hell wants to be a “nourishing child” when you can be the ONE TRUTH.)

She was looking for a new flatmate to move in with her on 221B Baker Street and she was badass as hell.

Lucky for Shin’ichi, Junanita Juárez (24) is back from fighting wars. Through a mutual friend, Mikaela (26), Shin’ichi and Juanita team up to form a SUPER CRIME SOLVING DUO. Which mostly means that Shin’ichi solves crime while Juanita remembers to stock their fridge:

Juanita also makes sure that Georgina Lestrade (30) doesn’t kill Shin’ichi for harassing his team members and leave her in a river somewhere. She could totally do it.

Juanita also sometimes gets kidnapped by Shin’ichi’s older brother Morio Honda (classified), who runs the entire British Government and wears a lot of sharp suits.

And sometimes Juanita and Shin’ichi just sit in and have tea with their kind of quirky landlord, Mr. Hamada (?).

But mostly Juanita and Shin’ichi run around a lot and fight crime! They’re pretty good at it, and it catches the eye of criminal mastermind Moriarty (~30).

He invites Shin’ichi and Juanita to play a little game with him! (Spoilers: he loses.) And then, once Shin’ichi and Juanita have that obstacle out of the way, they’re faced with another one: Irene Adler (27).

She is THE WOMAN and she is the only person who beats Shin’ichi at her own game. Also they have lots of sexual tension. But you know who else have lots of sexual tension? Shin’ichi and Juanita.

Which is why they kiss. A lot. (But they don’t really have sex because Shin’ichi is “married to her work” and also asexual.)


Now THAT’S a TV show!

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What Not to Talk About While Diffusing a Bomb

Guise, this is like seriously the best advice on the entire internet right now:


  1. We should move fast in case this thing decides to blow. I haven’t seen one of these bombs since that Times Square incident. Remember what Times Square used to be like? Like in the 70’s? Less screens and lights, more drugs, hookers and porn. Geesh, things have changed.
  2. Two gold wires? Not only is a gold-on-gold setup rare, but it’s an odd aesthetic choice. Who designed this thing, Timothy McGay? Remember in the 80’s when all of the rappers wore big, gold metal chains? That was weird.
  3. Bombs are just puzzles. I remember my Dad left out his unfinished puzzle on the kitchen table one night. My sister and I shouldn’t have touched it.
  4. I remember the first time I saw Die Hard with a Vengeance. That’s when I realized I wanted to detonate bombs for a living. You ever see that movie? Die Hard with a Vengeance is how I like to remember Bruce Willis, because Armageddon was definitely a snoozer. It would have been better if at the end it turned out Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.
  5. Fiddling with these two wires reminds me of knitting. I remember mom used to bring me to Grandma’s. Grandma would hand me two pieces of yarn. She’d say, “Go knit, boy.” I’d hold the two pieces of yarn, just like I’m holding these wires, and I’d ask myself, “What are you going to do?” That’s what I’m asking myself right now.
  6. I wasn’t nervous diffusing bombs until I let that one go off last year.

Yes, a conference policy can be both sex-positive and harassment-negative (especially since sex-positivity is harassment-negative)!

I am cheering and bouncing in my seat as I listen to Rogi read this. Especially the part about asking before any physical contact. Some people don’t realize that respecting a person’s personal bubble is a neurodiversity issue. Many different neurotypes, such as people on the Autism spectrum, cannot tolerate touch and scent and noise etc the same as others.

Plus, asking says “I give a damn”.

"American Atheists’ Code of Conduct" (by GenderQueer Atheist)