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#ToMyUnbornChild [warning: child abuse]

@bridgethaley_: #ToMyUnbornChild if ur an athiest, I PROMISE i will beat you with a garden hoe

@Ziztur: You win the EVIL PARENT award.

@NJ_Devil908: #ToMyUnbornChild if u ever even think about becoming an atheist, I will kill u

@Ziztur: Theists love murdering their children, wtf.

@DaGhanianGoon: #ToMyUnbornChild if your gay or atheist you're going to Africa ....they'll beat it out of you

@Ziztur: Theist love.

@BAMFxo: #tomyunbornchild I swear to god if u say one disrespectful thing I'll beat u until ur paralyzed. No joke.

@Ziztur: Future child abuser

@sydney332242: #ToMyUnbornChild I'll disown you if you go gay or ill beat you till you straight

@Ziztur: Conditional love, best kind of parenting.

@its_BlackMoses: #ToMyUnbornChild please don't be gay......I will beat the gayness out of u

@Ziztur: So many future child abusers on Twitter

@AndyTehNerd: Is #ToMyUnbornChild really #WhyI'mGoingToPrison?




October 3, 1992:  Sinead O’Connor appeared on Saturday Night Live singing an  acapella cover of Bob Marley’s song “War”, changing some of the lyrics to include references to child abuse, and ending the performance by tearing up a photo of Pope John Paull II and saying “fight the real enemy”.

I love her so much for this, even though it ruined her career.

things like this make me wish i was born a decade earlier.

FUCK YEAH! She’s a serious hero.

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