Trigger warning for transmisogyny and cis tears:

From: Andy Semler


Subject: “Transsexuals should cut it out” is a disgusting piece of anti-trans hatred.

Particularly where she at first claims “they’re lucky I’m not calling them shemales. Or shims.” both terms being degrading slurs against trans women in the sex industry (and all trans women by proxy). And then she goes on to actually call them those things when she says “Shims, shemales, whatever you’re calling yourselves these days”, as well as “a bunch of bed-wetters in bad wigs”.

This sort of dehumanization perpetuates an attitude that trans women deserve lesser treatment. Citing your own website: “statistics showed that 70% of children who were uncertain about their gender were subject to bullying. The official figures also show that 88% of transgender employees experienced discrimination or harassment at work, and that hate crime against transgender people had recently risen by 14% to 357 incidents last year.”

Please take a stand for gender equality and against anti-trans hate and transmisogyny, and refuse to publish this sort of hate speech in the future, as well as remove what is currently on your website.

No Drag on Drag Cruise! (by rriverstone1)

Rogi Riverstone nails it. These corporate types are completely full of shit, claiming to be pro-gay & pro-trans, as long as you dress in a manner they view as “normal” for your gender. Hopefully the shock waves caused by the outrage and their subsequent recanting will reverberate throughout society.

Carnival Cruise confuses gender diverse clothing with terrorism. "But please take note, Carnival’s regulation is NOT an example of discrimination. Carnival is an ally of the GLBT community." Translation: let’s hope nobody takes notice of our actions if we run our mouths long enough.


As a straight white man,

I’ve rarely seen that the straight white perspective on queer issues isn’t about reasserting the hetero-centrist perspective, but hey, who knows? Let’s see what he has to say:

I’ve got it pretty good. Nobody has much of a prejudice about me, there are no hurdles I must overcome if I wish to succeed. Everything’s pretty hunky-dorey over here. 

An appropriate awareness of privilege, so it seems. 

I only ask for one thing…

Depends. Is this “one thing” is even ours to give and his to receive?

Can we please have rainbows back?

I know, I know, they have been a symbol of gay rights for decades, and I think that’s great. And we should definitely find a replacement symbol for that cause.

Woah, hold on. “We?” You mean, straight white dudes are going to be all up in queer-identified people’s business? Don’t think I like where this is going so far. 

It’s just that it’s a little unfair that the rest of us aren’t allowed to use rainbows, don’t you think?

It’s just that it’s a little unfair that the rest of us aren’t allowed to have equal rights under the law, don’t you think? Oh silly me, I’m thinking of my needs. Let’s go back to focusing on your whims.

Let’s be clear: Rainbows are great. Name something that wouldn’t look better with a rainbow arching majestically behind it. A centaur? Yup. A beautiful woman? YES. A smaller rainbow? You betcha.

We queers know rainbows are great. It’s why we fly rainbow flags, instead of bags of flaming poo.

Why does it have to be a “thing” every time I hang a rainbow banner over my front door? I JUST LIKE RAINBOWS.

Poor thing, getting confused for one of us queers. How traumatic!

We straight white men haven’t asked for a lot lately. It’s been give-give-give with us.

Wow, that’s so true! And here I thought that straight white men were a good part of the reason that it’s still legal to fire people based on sexual orientation or gender identity in all these states. Silly me, I guess I forgot it’s really the blacks and women and sexual minorities that are perpetuating our own oppression. Oops!

So please, gay community, do us a solid and give us back rainbows. We’ll let you marry or something — promise.

Wait, so straight white men do have the power to give us full civil rights as ought to be afforded to all citizens and fellow humans? And you’re throwing a pity party over fucking rainbows

This is exactly why I don’t trust straight white dudes, by default. Because they use their identity as a weapon against us. Because my life is a cute fucking rainbow joke to them.

So, straight white dude, this may not be the rainbow you’re looking for, but it’s the only one scum like you deserve: someone giving the finger, rainbow-colored

Equivalents to “Die, Cis Scum!”

Inspired by this comment.

  • Give up your tax break government handouts, bourgeois scum!
  • Have your morals questioned, Christian scum!
  • Be judged less competent in the workplace for the same performance, male scum!
  • Have your misfortunes blamed on your laziness, average-sized person scum.
  • Be culturally assimilated, white scum!
  • Watch your jobs get shipped overseas, educated scum!
  • Be denied access to public places, able-bodied scum!
  • Have your decisions made for you, adult (but not geriatric) scum!
  • Get invaded, American scum!
  • Become the economic scapegoat, native-born US citizen scum!
  • Have your opinions invalidated, neurotypical scum!
  • Have people second-guess your love for your partner, monogamous scum!
  • Receive confused and suspicious stares, dominant-language speaking scum!

(Not to be construed as a completed list.)


  • QWERTYEXOTIC72: Here's a hypothetical scenario. If you got into a relationship with a "women" and you had sex with this "women". A few months later you find out this "women" was not born a women. What would be your reaction?
  • AndyTehNerd: OK, I'll hold back the laughter for long enough to (unfortunately) validate this question with a response:
  • AndyTehNerd: HOT.
  • AndyTehNerd: Because anyone I'm in a relationship with and having sex with is HOT, so therefore any aspect of their past that contributed to their present state is also HOT.
  • AndyTehNerd: Hell, I'll even add an extra T for emphasis on how HOTT the people are to me that I choose to be with.
  • AndyTehNerd: Also, the "scare quotes" don't emphasize anything but your insecurity.

An underappreciated issue with “die cis scum”


Certain videos and pictures of trans* activists using the “die cis scum” phrase have gone viral (ugh, I hate that phrase) around SJ-apathetic places like 4chan, Reddit, etc. Maybe it’s a good thing they’re being exposed to different types of people, but there is one thing that really bothers me: people’s first exposure to the term/prefix “cis*” is going to be having it used as an insult.

People are going to associate “cis*” with a negative meaning, not see it as the neutral term it should be.

This is a problem, because people have been working a long time to have this recognized as the neutral counterpart to “trans*”. It’s extremely vexing to see people use the term as a joke and associate it with SJA sloganeering. Hopefully the trend doesn’t last long.

That’s the problem with being a deliberately ignored minority: since we’re being ignored deliberately, we’ll be given attention deliberately as well. It’s no coincidence that everyone is paying attention to “die cis scum” who previously had no intention of spending 2 seconds thinking about trans* issues. It’s not just that they passively don’t want to pay attention to us, it’s that they actively want to continue to not care about us. As the gatekeepers for public attention, they give us two options:

  1. We can beg and plead for compassion and mercy till our faces turn blue and still be ignored.
  2. We can become angry and have people focus on that anger to the exclusion of the message behind it.

This is not on us. Trans* people are not to blame. Any efforts to pick apart each others’ strategy which ignore the harsh reality of those 2 options above is completely missing the point. We cannot “win” this game by attempting to play by the rules, because it’s rigged. We need to turn the criticism toward where it belongs, on the cis-supremacist agenda.