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Food Privilege Deniers Challenge

I once lived a couple blocks away from a grocery store, up a somewhat steep hill, with a child and without a car, in the middle of winter.  Healthy, fresh, homecooked meals were far from my mind in even those somewhat favorable circumstances.


Think that poor people are just lazy? That maybe if they would just get something other than fried chicken for dinner they wouldn’t be so fat? Then boy do I have a challenge for you!

For a week:

  • You must walk or take public transportation for a week. What? Your town doesn’t have public transportation? HAHA, you lose and must walk EVERYWHERE!
  • If you work at an office job, before you go to the grocery store, you must engage in some sort of strenuous physical activity. This is to simulate the minimum wage jobs that the less privileged have. Doesn’t walking to the grocery store and carrying home bags of food seem so much more fun after you’ve been standing all day/run a fast mile!?
  • Remember, you can only buy what you can carry. Even if it’s to the bus stop. Factor in time it takes for you to walk/ride the bus home. (Hint: Those frozen chicken breasts will start to go bad! Don’t even get me started on the much cheaper frozen vegetables!)
  • Thought about going to the farmer’s market? Sorry suckers. The inner cities don’t have farmers markets. Furthermore, most of them are not allowed to take WIC or food stamps. You’re stuck going to your local grocery store.
  • Ideally, this would be done in an inner city setting. If not, remember that you’ll want to go to the grocery store when it’s light outside. Those neighborhoods often have hazards not present in your suburban neighborhood after dark. If you live on the bottom floor, keep in mind you’d probably have to be walking up stairs too with your groceries.
  • Did I mention that you’ll have to find childcare for any children you have? It’s that or take your toddler with you on this venture. If you’re carrying a baby you’ll only have one hand to carry groceries with.

Sound fun? Oh, you’re not willing to do this and think that I’m exaggerating? Try googling grocery stores in an inner city neighborhood. Shocked at how far they are? Calculate the time it would take you to get to said grocery store from an average neighborhood using public transportation or walking. Add 10-30 minutes for the bus breaking down and/or you being tired from working all day. Now google convenience stores/mini marts/fast food places nearby. I won’t ruin the surprise for you by telling you how much closer they’ll be.

Are poor people really lazy? Or are they systematically given more numerous and less nutritious food options in their neighborhoods?

(I am not the expert on this, so please feel free to add to this challenge or change parts of it. I’m just trying to get some of these people to put themselves in another person’s shoes.)

(via classragespeaks)