Nerd is my Gender

“At the local diner, the waitress asked my friend what I would like to eat. Apparently, because I use a wheelchair, I am unable to order my own lunch.”

Microaggressions, though I’ve heard this same story over and over from multiple sources.

It’s okay (even encouraged) to look people in the eye and talk to them like they’re human.  Try it some time.


My boyfriend tells me he thinks that in some cases, rape victims are partially to blame for their rapes; for example if they didn’t take “enough” precautionary measures. I tell him how upsetting it is for me to hear this, because it means if I were ever to get raped, I’ll know he thinks I’m partially to blame for it, because I “wasn’t careful enough.”

He then gets mad at me for making him feel guilty for sharing his opinion, telling me that if this is how I’m going to act every time he expresses his thoughts, he won’t want to open up to me.


But guess what happens when women take note of his sort of attitude and adopt a Schrodinger’s Rapist mentality? They’re to blame in that situation too!

“Coworker: People on food stamps are just lazy.
Me: I’m on food stamps.
Coworker: Obviously I’m not talking about you.”


It actually takes a lot of time and effort to get food stamps.  I needed them while working 2 jobs and raising a child, so that made it even more difficult to find the time to gather up lots of obscure documents and go in for an appointment.  I actually don’t work as hard now, but I finally get paid enough to feed myself.  Such a sad irony.

“I am a 21 year old cis Latina woman. Almost every time I go into a video game store, comic book store, or the fantasy/sci-fi section of the bookstore, the sales associate asks me if I’m buying a gift for my boyfriend. When I tell them I am shopping for myself, they proceed to explain to me what I should get, assuming I have no idea what to look for. Makes me Hulk-smash angry.”
Microaggressive Twitter


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"Girls aren’t supposed to wear Batman."


At the large-chain retail store where I work, I’m straightening up the toddler department when I hear a little girl crying. I turn around and see her in the toddler boys section, reaching for a Batman t-shirt. Her parents repeatedly pull her away and tell her, “You can’t have that, that’s a boy’s shirt, you’re supposed to wear girls clothes. Girls aren’t supposed to like Batman. Don’t you want a Hello Kitty shirt?”


white girl with brown hair and glasses wearing batman shirt

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“I’m an African-American male-bodied genderqueer who happens to support Ron Paul for President as I was attending the Republican straw polls in Ames, Iowa today. The glares I got from the people around me just kept piling on, as well as people asking me why I was there if I supported Obama. I was even wearing my Ron Paul shirt, but all they could see was the color of my skin. I am 16, Ames Iowa Straw Poll around older privileged white males. Made me ostracized, marginalized, stereotyped, distraught.”

power, privilege, and everyday life.: I am 16, Ames Iowa Straw Poll around older privileged white males. Made me ostracized, marginalized, stereotyped, distraught.


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