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“Can we just accept that fact that being poor, and being on public assistance, means you aren’t eating well right now? That the steak-and-lobster-buying food stamp recipient is a straw person? That people on public assistance are not living high on the hog? And that it’s a crying shame that the assistance people get is not enough? You know, call me a communist, but I would love it if people on public assistance could afford to buy the occasional skirt steak, salmon, pork tenderloin or package of dried mushrooms along with their regular food purchases if they wanted to. I think people should be able to feed themselves and their kids consistently throughout the month. I have a problem with the idea that we seem to require poor people to eat gruel and wear rags. If my tax dollars are going to help people, goddammit, I want them to be able to get enough help to eat well. It beats the hell out of what my tax dollars usually go to.”

You can just… — Feministe (via lemdi)

It’s kind of sad that wanting people, regardless of their financial situation, to be able to enjoy life in some small way opens yourself up to being called a communist. Not that it is really an insult, it’s just sad that being decent is such an anomaly.

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Poor people have birthdays too.  They may even enjoy lobster on such days.  True story.

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“Folks on food stamps are on a tight budget, and cheap food tends to be less healthy. As obesity researcher Adam Drewnowski writes in Health Affairs, “If you have $3 to feed yourself, your choices gravitate toward foods which give you the most calories per dollar.” In order to get Americans eating their recommended portion of leafy green and yellow vegetables, prices would need to drop by 289 percent, J. Eric Oliver calculates in Fat Politics. “In other words,” Oliver writes, “we need to pay people to eat them.””
Watch Your Mouth: What Should Food Stamps Subsidize?
“I, an American small business owner, part of the class that produces the vast majority of real, wealth producing jobs in this country, hereby resolve that I will not hire a single person until this war against business and my country is stopped.”

Fuck you.

Tea Party Group Urges Small Businesses ‘Not To Hire A Single Person’ To Hurt Obama

This is the very definition of anti-American.

"Vegan for my Thighs" sounds like an emo band

I’m not against fatness in general.  I don’t even look “fat”.  But my pants are tight and my underwear barely fits and every time I sit on the toilet I get an eyeful of these huge thighs, which triggers some horrible gender dysphoria every time I have to take a piss.  So I’m going vegan.

No, I’m not just indiscriminately going vegan (to all you who are reminding me that a diet of beer and french fries can technically fit in that diet).  I just did a diet assessment and realized that at least 1/3 of the calorie-laden foods I ought to avoid are dairy, and since I’ve been vegetarian for a year and a half now, it’s not a huge leap to go animal-free.  I’m also cutting out restaurant food other than a few specific social events, and alcohol outside of the same.  Simple carbs and processed fats are on the naughty list, with complex carbs on the nice list.

I really need to collect veggies like my life depended on it.  This is where I realize how privileged I am that I can purchase fresh produce.  Yes, there was a time when I was so poor and overworked both that I was underweight and malnourished from the stress.  But the fact is that most of the working poor have far greater access to a huge-ass coffee/donut combo for $1.59 from the corner gas station than they do to brown rice and beans and green peppers and asparagus etc from the “local” grocery store.  I know I avoid thinking about food till I’m running late and fast food is my only option, as opposed to doing the healthy (and delicious!) thing and filling up the crock pot the evening before (which, again, I’m privileged to a stable home life where slow cooking is an option).

So here’s to hoping my ADHD doesn’t get the better of me, and I find a way to make my new-found veganism something that is viable in the long-term.


I’ve never had private health insurance.

I’m ideologically opposed to paying someone to prevent me from obtaining treatment.