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Trigger warning - transhatred, binarism, internalised misogyny, ableism (seriously, this is awful)



I’m getting really sick of “feminists” telling me how I should feel. I am a proud CIS white woman and let me tell you, I have to go through more torture and agony for how I choose to live my life than any fucking shitty genderqueers or so-called “feminists”. You act like just because you’re confused about your pussy that you deserve special treatment. I’ve got a treatment for you, it’s called electroshock treatment. Fix your broken brain before you start mangling your pussies because you “don’t feel right down there”.

Ihave to live everyday and dress up in heels and a bra to try and impress somebody out there, to get some attention from the opposite sex. You don’t know what that’s like. You don’t know what it’s like to be allergic to alcohol but still drink at parties because that’s the only way you know how to meet semi-attractive guys. How about you walk a mile in my shoes before you start judging? Grow up, because when I look at you I want to throw up.

Can't tell if trolling.

I think this person is trolling.  That last line is totally a childhood joke, and the rest of it is absolutely ridiculous too.  Unless the person in question is a sex worker, then that second paragraph is spot-on (in that I really haven’t been there myself).  Sex work should be legalized and regulated to protect worker rights, even for people who are obviously drinking the haterade.  But srsly, obvious troll is obvious.

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Gather a few willing people.
Target a random stranger.
In order, have each person bump into them and say the following, but pretend like it never happened:
"Wake up."
"You’re in a coma."
"This isn’t real."
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  1. Gather a few willing people.
  2. Target a random stranger.
  3. In order, have each person bump into them and say the following, but pretend like it never happened:
  • "Wake up."
  • "You’re in a coma."
  • "This isn’t real."

(via Art of Trolling: Why Can’t I Wake Up?!)

“I support the rights of the unborn child until it’s born and wants a gay marriage.”
Sen. Rick Santorum

When the manuscript of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was first accepted for publication in Britain, the copy editor advised me that all weights and measures would be changed to metric, which was the publisher’s standard practise. I refused to allow the change because, for the reasons stated above, there was no logic to the thing. However, this ought not to be taken as any kind of political statement on the part of the author. I am not anti-European; on the contrary, I am all for Britain being part of Europe, and I am part French myself. Nor do I have anything against the metric system, which is much more logical than the imperial, and which certainly makes baking much easier. However, I do find the old system much more picturesque, much quirkier, and therefore more appropriate to the kind of society I was describing.

The decision to keep the imperial system in the book had an unexpected sequel, which was an invitation to join the British Weights and Measures Association. As I do not agree that Britain ought to refuse to use the metric system (as many of this society’s members do), I was about to throw this invitation in the bin when I was struck by a sudden thought, and changed my mind. I know that what I am about to say does not reveal very good things about my character, but I had realised in a flash how much it would enrage my sister, Di, if I signed up. Di is never funnier than when infuriated, and among her many pet hates is the old-bufferish adherence to the old ways just for the sake of them, or because-by-God-it’s-British-and-no-Johnny-Foreigner-is-Going-To-Tell-Me-How-To-Measure-Suet-ness that such an organisation represents.

When my membership came out in the press, she exploded in a really satisfying outpouring of rage. I could hardly stop laughing long enough to tell her that I’d only joined to annoy her. This rendered her almost incoherent with indignation, which was possibly even funnier. Frankly, I doubt whether anyone has ever had as much fun for the price of a postage stamp.

J. K. Rowling

epic troll

@WAR_ON_ERROR [in Superman t-shirt]: Going to new Justice League movie with @AndyTehNerd [in Batman t-shirt] #LikeABoss #AvengersAssemble
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 [in Superman t-shirt]: Going to new Justice League movie with  [in Batman t-shirt]  

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Counterfeit This Post!

Rumor has it that you can reblog a post and simply change the content to anything you want, and nobody will be the wiser. So… have at it! Reblog this shit and fuck with it. Bonus points for using goats.