1 Corinthians 14:34-35

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. 

And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.

Here’s one for those of you who love to ignore the Old Testament, cuz it’s straight out of the New T, baby.

If you are or approve of a woman who speaks in church (or ever worse, leads), congratulations!  You’re more moral than the Bible!


Failing to cover prescription contraception means that women and are effectively paid less than their male counterparts.


It’s true that not all women use contraception and not all people who use contraception are women.

But women are overwhelmingly the ones who get stuck with the responsibility of preventing pregnancy, and those opposed to providing coverage know it.

Hundreds of women took to the streets of the Moroccan capital Rabat on Saturday, urging parliament to revoke a law on sexual violence.

Just a day earlier, Morocco had announced that it would modify a law that allows rapists to marry their underage female victims, a decision that came in light of the recent suicide of 16-year-old rape victim, Amina el-Filali.

“We want a new law. We also want an end to rape in Morocco but that can be possible until this law is removed. We want a law that punishes the criminal and protects the rights of Moroccan women,” said Amina’s sister Hamida who joined the protest on Saturday.

On this note, I have seen a campaign called “We Are All Amina Filali”.  The thing is, I’m not Amina Filali.  I couldn’t ever be Amina Filali, because I am not a woman in Morocco.  I will never be forced to marry my rapist.  To those of you out there who are affected by these laws, I wish you the best.  To those of you who are not, I urge you to refrain from appropriating their experiences while we raise awareness and support for their efforts.

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To some, it doesn’t matter what you do: once you are charged with being a female* in public, you can’t win.  Take this article and the following comments about Angelina Jolie and two of her children going to the movies - let’s see how the kyriarchy responds to that seemingly innocent act:

  • Treating motherhood as a public spectacle.
  • Putting a young girl’s body up for public vote.
  • Expecting females at all ages to express the proper amount of femininity (while playing a shell game with that that actually looks like) and either:
  • 1. Pitying one for not expressing enough femininity, or
  • 2. Shaming one for expressing too much femininity.

And the fact that people can find these things “cute” is a symptom of how sick society really is.

*This post seeks to analyze the way the public treats those who are presumed female girls, and makes no speculation as to the actual gender identity of these children.

You ever asked yourself “what is this mansplaining and how do I recognize it?” Well look no further! Greta Christina recently wrote a terrific post on why the atheist movement needs t-shirts cut to curvier shapes that fit most women better than straight shapes that fit men, commonly mislabeled as “unisex”. She also offered a few possible explanations and a few possible solutions. Then some dudebro decided that she just didn’t understand what she was talking about, so he talked at her and talked at her until he was satisfied that all his assertions had erased her lived experience. Too bad comment after comment surrounding his were in agreement with her, as her experience was their own as well. Oops!

Highlights (warning: grab a barf bag):

This is typical cognitive bias. A t-shirt is just that, a t-shirt. Just like the word prostitute does not denote woman, a t-shirt IS unisex. A women’s fitted t-shirt is just that, a “fitted” t-shirt. It is a different product all together. …

If you do not like the way you look in “standard” t-shirts, then don’t get one. No one is forcing you to buy one. …

Of course, if you wanted a custom fitted shirt, I’m sure you could get one. Just go on line to one of the many shops that can make it and order it. …

Having women’s “fitted” shirts would alienate women who do not like the way “fitted” shirts fit and the men who could not wear them. …

And let me get this straight, you are complaining about something that was free? …

YOU are expecting something special for you and then get upset when they do not have it. There are plenty of women that like the way standard t-shirts fit. You are relating a personal issue to of how a standard t-shirt fits YOU to an entire movement. …

Don’t complain about the ills of the world, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. [Yes, he really said this.] …

Maybe there are lots of people that just don’t give a shit about race, class, sex, sexual orientation, etc. Maybe you need to start looking a little less outward, and a little more inward. …

It seems to me the only one having issues with sexism here is you. …

Also, next time you get “driven up a tree” about a particular issue, maybe you could provide some solutions to some of the problems instead of just constantly telling everyone what is wrong with the world. [Yes, he really said this too.]

Now, you may be wondering “geez, someone has accused me of ‘splaining in the past. Did I really sound like this?”  Perhaps. But there is one simple way to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future.


No really. It’s that simple. Listen. And then listen more. And if you think you understand what the’re saying, maybe say “here’s what I’m hearing, let me know if this is what you’re saying” to be sure that you’ve got it right. Note this doesn’t mean you have to agree with them. But you damn sure don’t get to talk all over the very people who are living an experience as though you know their lives better than they do. Plus, when people learn to listen to each other, that’s when they build up trust, and that’s how we begin to make our communities stronger.

At the intersection of being a woman, trans, and Latina in Los Angeles County:

Drawing on information provided by over 200 Latina transgender women living in Los Angeles County, findings of the report indicate staggering amounts of harassment, abuse, neglect, and targeted profiling on the part of law enforcement. According to the report, two-thirds of the transgender women surveyed experienced some form of verbal abuse from law enforcement, while 21% experienced physical assault and 24% experienced sexual assault. Of those who attempted to report such misconduct by the police, two-thirds said their report had been handled “poorly” or “very poorly.”

Among Latina transgender women who had been jailed, 30% said they were verbally assaulted by other inmates, 11% said they were physically assaulted, and 10%said they were sexually assaulted. After reporting these incidents of mistreatment by fellow inmates, 70% of transgender women reported that law enforcement either responded negatively or did not respond to the incident at all.

I’m very attracted to large women. I’m also attracted to women of all shapes. And people of all genders. But I have a special place in my heart for large women.
And it makes me wonder… am I fetishizing large women? Is the fact that I can ask myself this a result of the beauty/thin myth? I mean, if they were the standard for womanliness, I wouldn’t even be asking myself that, I’d be considering myself as “normal”. Is society so fucked up that I’ll never be able to just ooh and ahh over large women without second-guessing my motives?
I blame the kyriarchy.

I’m very attracted to large women. I’m also attracted to women of all shapes. And people of all genders. But I have a special place in my heart for large women.

And it makes me wonder… am I fetishizing large women? Is the fact that I can ask myself this a result of the beauty/thin myth? I mean, if they were the standard for womanliness, I wouldn’t even be asking myself that, I’d be considering myself as “normal”. Is society so fucked up that I’ll never be able to just ooh and ahh over large women without second-guessing my motives?

I blame the kyriarchy.

That’s right ALL. I’m now declaring this an official genderqueer recruiting tool. If you fail on any one of these points, you’re now One Of Us.

The Man List is shorter, so here goes:

1. I play dead to get out of stuff.

I have done this.

2. I behaved irresponsibly right up until saying “I do.”

Er… nope. I behave pretty responsibly just the same married or not.

3. I miss casual sex.

Yes. But since that’s also a synonym for “you get what you get, and if it’s bad, sex, sucks to be you”, I only miss it sometimes.

4. I have a security blanket, but creepier

I… do too. I’m not going to tell you what it is, either. Suffice it to say it’s not a memento.

5. I downplay how much I spend.

No, I’m pretty honest about it.

OK, so I’m half-man. According to The Experts. Now on to women

1. We save mementos from past relationships

I save mementos from everything significant in my life. Often in the form of photograhs. Turns out, past relationships happen to be part of my life. You caught me!

2. We secretly hate you a little for not having to push out a baby.

Dafuq? Nobody “has to” push out a baby. Unless they want to. [Forced pregnancies aside.] So no, I don’t hate anyone for this reason.

3. We are mummies: The wires, the tape, the padding, the unbreathable 80% Nylon, 18% Spandex, 2% Cotton blend industrial body shaper.

Nope! The nearest I come to this is binding, and when I’m not, I don’t even come close to mummification. Never have.

4. We have access: The fact that your password is automatically stored on your computer and you never log out of anything makes it entirely too easy.

…Well now I’d just be giving things away, wouldn’t I.

5. When we say no gifts, we’re totally lying. Let there be gifts. Let there always be gifts.

I have said this because I don’t need a gift, I want a gift. And I don’t want an obligatory gift, I want a gift from the heart. If me saying “no gifts” results in no gifts, then the gift you would have otherwise given would have been forced.

6. We use Halloween as an excuse to dress sexy.

Nope. I use sex as an excuse to dress sexy. Or any time for that matter (other than visiting my grandmother). I use Halloween as an excuse to dress ridiculous.

7. We are divalicious when we’re alone.

Maybe. ;)

8. We pretend all sorts of things, including but not limited to: Being interviewed by Conan, having our very own cooking show, and that every single love song is about us (obvs).

Not really… can’t say I do this. Though I do a basic human amount of daydreaming, mostly about that it’s the weekend and I’m enjoying my free time.

9. We take long showers to get out of doing stuff.

Wow, I’ve literally never even considered doing this. Seems so obvious, though, now that I think about it.

10. We re-enact fights in our head with you, your mother, our mother, and our frenemies where we speak the impossibly clever and win every time.

I’m pretty sure everybody does this.

11. We spend way too much time scrutinizing our face in a magnifying mirror; I mean really. 

I can’t stand magnifying mirrors, but I do this in regular ones.

12. Another name for shopping is ”Errands”.


13. We have girl crushes involving lusting after a woman’s style, superior genetics, wit, and undeniable charm. 

I have crushes of this sort for all sorts of people, including for The Doctor (10th and 11th).

14. When you ask if we’re wearing something new we’ll usually say no and act irritated with you for not noticing it before. (Remember to remove the tag, ladies!)

Excuse me? I don’t remember “psychopath” being an essential element of womanhood. It’s alright if all you test-takers want to skip this one. I’m giving you a free pass. ;)

15. We want to be wanted: Grab us, kiss us hard, pinch our butts, send a sext. 

Yes, if I’m in a relationship with you.

16. We can be disgusting


17. We’re usually mad at you… For something, anything really


18. We pretend we’re the female lead in romantic movies.

No, they’re often unrelatable.

19. We stalk our ex’s Facebook profiles

It hasn’t occurred to me that the best use of my time could be wasting it on somebody I’m no longer invested in.

20. We look at porn - mom porn.

Not much, actually, but I do indulge in a little erotica here and there.

Guess I’m only somewhat woman either. No wonder I’m such a gender reject. :P

So there you have it. If you don’t fit into all of the above for either gender, you are now officially welcome to explore the genderqueer community.